Diddy Kong Racing remains one of the most beloved kart racers of all time - no mean feat considering it shared a platform with Mario Kart 64 - so there's always been rumours and unfounded whispers that the title has a long-gestating sequel in development.

One of the most infamous has only just come to our attention thanks to a recent post on a Resetera thread that claims that Monster Games - a Minnesota-based studio that works primarily on racing titles - was previously working on it, and that Sumo Digital (which is now working on Team Sonic Racing) would make a great fit for such a revival. They even posted a screenshot purportedly from a build.

Much of the rumours surrounding DKR2 have stemmed from a blog post by a 'Kevin Callahan', who claimed the game had gone through multiple guises both on Wii and Wii U, but it's a report - much like this new 'leaked' screen - that remains nothing more than an unsubstantiated rumour as of 2018.

Would you like a sequel to Diddy Kong Racing or has the ape had his time on the track? Share your thoughts below...