Little has been said about the Nintendo Switch Online service since the revealing announcements last month, but if this new listing is anything to go by it looks like we may have a confirmed start date.

Amazon UK has listed a 12 month download code for a Nintendo Switch Online Membership for £19.99, which is interestingly £2 more expensive that Nintendo's recommended price for the product. The page states that the code will be delivered to customers on 30th September at midnight, potentially suggesting that this will be the moment the service goes live.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 14.57.52.png

You also have the option to purchase a 3 month subscription for £7.99 should you wish, although this price is also £1 above the figures that were originally mentioned.

The date noted isn't a certainty - the page does state that it is a "preliminary release date" - but the specific nature of its wording with the exact time included would suggest that it's definitely a possibility. As always, we'll have to wait for an official confirmation on this to be sure - the 30th is the final day of the month and could well be a placeholder, after all.

We'd recommend holding off from any purchases just yet to see if the product does appear at the previously mentioned prices elsewhere. Hopefully Amazon will update the page to reflect these in due time.

Will you be subscribing when the service goes live?

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