Finding different named locations and visiting them is one of the weekly challenges in week nine, season four of Fortnite. Complete it and you'll earn XP and five Battle Stars that will help boost you up the tiers for those sweet season four exclusive rewards.

In this guide, we're going to help you visit the centre of four different named locations in a single match to complete this challenge with relative ease. That way you can move onto completing the other difficult challenge for this week – finding the Haunted Hills treasure map.

Fortnite - How to visit different named locations in a single match

fortnite-map (4).jpg

To complete this challenge, you have to visit four different named locations in a single match. Take a glance at the map above, and you'll find twenty of them:

  1. Junk Junction
  2. Haunted Hills
  3. Pleasant Park
  4. Snobby Shores
  5. Greasy Grove
  6. Anarchy Acres
  7. Loot Lake
  8. Tilted Towers
  9. Shifty Shafts
  10. Flush Factory
  11. Risky Reels
  12. Tomato Town
  13. Dusty Divot
  14. Salty Springs
  15. Fatal Fields
  16. Lucky Landing
  17. Wailing Woods
  18. Lonely Lodge
  19. Retail Row
  20. Moisty Mire

Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, how about if we told you that you have to visit the centre of four different named locations and plant a flag, and all of it in just a single match?

Right now that's going to be just a little bit more difficult than usual, while everyone scrambles to complete this challenge. However, if you pick quieter locations along the periphery of the map, you should get by just fine. 

Avoid Tilted Towers, basically.

Fortnite - What do I do when I reach the centre of a named location?

As you near the centre of a named location, you should see the outline of a flag glowing. Run towards it and as soon as you're near enough you'll plant the flag automatically. No need to hold Y or anything like that.

The above left image shows what the flag looks like as you near it, while the right reveals it planted.

Complete this task in four different named locations in a single match, and you'll complete the challenge. 

Remember that you have to complete that particular match of Fortnite though. You can't just quit, or you'll fail. If you're impatient, go get shot or something.