Mega Man 11.png

Mega Man has undergone a number of physical transformations over the years and in his next outing, Mega Man 11, he’ll adopt a fresh new look. In a collection of videos about the latest game in the long-running series, Capcom explained why exactly the iconic character has had a design tweak.

Apparently, it’s all because of a shift across to a sharper environment. The designers originally created a prototype based on the Mega Man 8 model only to discover this particular style was far too flat and featureless when presented at a higher definition. To overcome this, they decided to make a new version highlighting subtle details like the lines on his body while equipping him with a more detailed blaster. These alterations paved the way for his 3D form. 

Mega Man 11 Image 2.png

The size of Mega Man was also a hot topic during the development of Mega Man 11, with the team wanting to show as much of his face as possible. A rule of thumb was that the smaller the screen, the more distorted he should look to make the game feel less cramped. 

How light reflected off the character’s model was another major talking point during the design process. It was previously an aspect of Mega Man's design the team had never had to consider. Eventually, each character for this particular entry in the series got their own lighting effects to bring their personality to life. Surprisingly, the game itself actually has no environmental lighting at all. Whether Mega Man should have outlines was one of the many other contentious debates as well.

The final design was a slightly distorted take on the famous video game character, with the style magnifying his head, arms, and legs. This was considered by Capcom as the ideal compromise between his 2D proportions and new look.

Capcom's Mega Man 11 arrives on the Nintendo Switch on 2nd October. Tell us below if you're a fan of the new look he's rocking.