Super Smash Bros. director Masahiro Sakurai is a busy man, but he still makes time for a little gaming when he needs to unwind and according to his latest Famitsu column (as translated by Source Gaming), he is currently quite partial to playing a bit of Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch after a hard day deciding if Labo Man should be in Super Smash Bros. for Switch or not?

Sakurai did reveal that he first gave Stardew Valley a try on Steam some time ago, but the game just didn't grab him back then. Perhaps it was a lack of a Japanese translation, but he felt like his efforts in the game did not yield much reward.

Thankfully, he gave Stardew Valley another try when it made the jump over to Switch and this time he got well and truly hooked by this addictive farming sim. Somehow, the inconveniences he previously encountered were issues no longer and he was free to enjoy the game. Sakurai went as far as to say: "The Switch and the light gameplay go so well together and I’m itching to play it."

Sakurai is, however, trying not to get too addicted as he wants to keep a space open in his life for Monster Hunter: World next.

Hop over to Source Gaming and have a read of the full translation and let us know your thoughts on Sakurai-san's experience with Stardew Valley with a comment below.