Last week Nintendo Life reported on a set of rumours that SNK was planning to launch a miniature console with 40 built-in games from its long history. We even had pictures and a list of said games to boot. Well, turns out those rumours were true, with SNK officially announcing the Neo Geo Mini.

The firm has yet to confirm which games will be featuring on the list, but the 'leaked' list does seem pretty plausible so don't be surprised to most or all of those listed making it to the final number. Based on an old Neo Geo MVS arcade cabinet, it'll come in two versions (one for Japan, and another for the rest of the world), as well as an HDMI port, headphone jack and two controller ports.

It will have the 3.5-inch LCD screen previously reported, but there's no word yet on the controllers, a release date or a final price tag. Expect those details to follow shortly.

Let us know what you make of the now official Neo Geo Mini in the comments below. Cool addition or just SNK jumping on the miniaturised wagon?