If FIFA 18 isn't enough football action for you this World Cup year, then you might want to check out Eclipse Games' upcoming Legendary Eleven: Epic Football.

Described as an "epic" arcade football title "inspired by the golden age of football spanning the '70s to the '90s", Legendary Eleven features fluid gameplay, special "Super Shots" and 32 retro-style tradable stickers which can be used to boost the stats of your team. The developer cites Super Sidekicks, Nintendo World Cup and early ISS titles as sources of inspiration, which bodes well.

There are 36 national sides to select from and 5 cup competitions to challenge for. A morale system is also in place which varies from team to team, and special techniques such as wall passes and through balls help add some tactical depth. Local multiplayer comes as standard, but there's sadly no mention of online play. 

Legendary Eleven hits Steam Early Access on May the 29th and will arrive on Nintendo Switch on June the 8th. Xbox One and PS4 versions are also planned, but it looks like Switch owners will be getting their hands on this before their console-based rivals. It will cost $9.99 / €9.99 / £8.99.