Swery65, the man who gave us the cult classic Deadly Premonition, re-launched the Kickstarter campaign for his latest project, The Good Life, last month and now he's teasing a potential Switch port in the future. In the latest update on the game's crowdfunding page (which has just over a week left to run), Swery65 reveals one of his team has experimented with a version running Nintendo's handheld console.


"We love the Nintendo Switch. And while we cannot commit to making a Switch version for now, our main programmer couldn't stop himself from doing a few experiments with our current build and the console. They have been surprisingly successful so far, much to the whole team's enjoyment... It gives us extra motivation and more drive than ever, and the will to make the campaign successful. I hope it excites you too!"

So it's nothing concrete, and just because a developer can get part of their game running on Switch doesn't mean it's a dead cert - but it's great to see Switch remaining a relevant platform for many a developer. However, with just under $200K left to meet of its target goal, we wouldn't count on its handheld appearance just yet.

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