Chicken Wiggle Workshop

Chicken Wiggle was an ill-fated release from Atooi that was essentially the right game at the wrong time, releasing on the 3DS eShop last fall after the feeding frenzy of indies on the Switch eShop hit full speed. Hoping to salvage the project, the studio opened a Kickstarter for Chicken Wiggle Workshop a few weeks ago, which would overhaul the graphics and bring the game to the Switch. The campaign just ended and pleasantly enough, it was a success.

The goal of the project was $30,000 and when it closed earlier today, it had amassed just over $35,000. Not only did this guarantee that the game will indeed be coming to the Switch, but there was a stretch goal at $35,000 to have an orchestral soundtrack composed by Grant Kirkhope, of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and Banjo-Kazooie fame. Indeed, it’s nice to see the game being given another lease of life; here’s to hoping it performs much better on the Switch.

What do you think? Will you be picking this up for the Switch? Did you contribute to the campaign? Share your thoughts in the comments below.