The Nintendo Switch Online Prices For Those Playing Down Under Are Finally In

Nintendo Switch Online is only seven months away, and we're slowly starting to see the prices plans for each region. Now it's the turn of the service's planned launch in Australia and New Zealand, and the prices for both countries have been revealed.

A one-month membership in Australia will cost AU$5.95, while a New Zealand one for the same period of time will cost NZ$6.55. A three-month sign-up will set you back AU$11.95 and NZ$13.15 respectively, while a year's membership will cost AU$29.95 and NZ$32.95.

As with every other region, the service will continue to be free up until September 2018, when the new setup will be introduced for those wanting to play Splatoon 2, DOOM and the like online. Classic Game Selection and all the other features will be included for our friends playing on Switch down under.

Are you an Aussie or NZ gamer? Let us know what you make of these price plans and whether they're value for money compared to PS Plus and Xbox Live's Gold membership...