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A feature that many users will take for granted, and one that we expect is completely overlooked by some, the Nintendo Switch News section is a handy little tool for gamers who like to keep up to date with their favourite games. Not unlike Nintendo Life (a pretty stellar news provider, or so we've heard), this icon on the Switch's homepage takes you to a selection of stories and updates about your favourite games, and even provides the occasional in-game bonus.

We often talk about the development of games themselves, but the relatively low-key features built in to a console at launch can often go under the radar. Changing this, the official Japanese Nintendo website has uploaded a post sharing some details on how the news service was created.

Interestingly, the author of the article Yuusuke Inoue (who works in Science and Engineering at Nintendo), states that the development process took almost a whole year to complete, with a team of 4-5 staff members on board. The process faced many challenges along the way including the differences in feedback from Japanese and Western audiences; the development team would keep suggesting new ideas until they found something that could satisfy everyone.

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Do you use the news channel functionality on your Switch? Are you happy that it was included as a feature on the console? We'd love to read your thoughts in the comments below.