Genesis? No we're not talking about the North American alter ego of SEGA Mega Drive or the first book of The Bible, we're talking about something even holier: Smash Bros! Based in the United States, Genesis is a semi-regular tournament that brings some of the best players from around the country (and the world) to shake the salt and beat down their favourite Nintendo icons. And now, to make things even more authentic, the event has now officially partnered with Nintendo Of America.

The tourney will be moving from San Jose (the setting for Genesis 4 in 2017) to Oakland and will include brackets for Melee, Wii U and SSB64. There will also be spaces for six more, non-Smash, games including Pokken Tournament DX, Splatoon and... Dance Dance Revolution Extreme? The event is running this weekend, and you can tune in to watch live streams if you can't make it to the Oakland Convention Center.

Always nice to see Smash Bros continuing to get some love in the competitive fighting community? If you've got any Smash tourney memories, share them with us below...