With Nintendo Switch quickly establishing itself as the de facto home for indie developers in 2018 and beyond, the plucky handheld is filling up with must-have gems from smaller studios. Take the 2D frolics of Cosmos Defenders - a revolving shooter that tasks you and three other players with shooting down invading aliens with the power of nature itself.

Sounds crazy right? And crazy it might be, but that doesn't stop Cosmos Defenders from looking like a riot on Switch. With four different galaxies and three individual planets to explore in story mode, three mini-bosses (and a giant one) per galaxy and plenty of hidden ones to track down, it's already firmly on our 2018 'Nindie' radar. Oh, and developer Fiery Squirrel promises, "unique challenges every time you play with your friends in free battle/cooperation mode." It's due to arrive on Nintendo Switch in 2018.

But what do you guys think about it? Does Cosmos Defenders 2D charms work on you? Comment below with your take...