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Nintendo has always been known for hiding small easter eggs and messages within their games, consoles, and even peripherals, but one which may have been easily overlooked concerns the creation of an online account.

Used to purchase games from the Nintendo eShop, play games online, and interact with the recent wave of smartphone apps released by the company, an online Nintendo account is something that many players will create as quickly as possible, wanting to get stuck into their new, shiny box of joy immediately. If you take things at a slower pace, however, you'll discover that the 'date of birth' option allows you to go as far back as 1889.

1889 Nintendoaccount

Of course, the chances of someone being 129 years old when signing up to the service are incredibly slim, but that year has likely been chosen as the oldest date possible due to the fact that Nintendo was founded in September of that year, originally as a playing card company.

It's something that most users will never notice but, for those that do, this is yet another one of those moments where Nintendo makes you blissfully smile for a few seconds as you imagine the team knowingly smirking as they add the option. Lovely.