Hey batter, batter, batter... please swing and miss my face! Baseball fans (with very, very loose regulations) rejoice for Hamster is bringing SNK's classic 2020 Super Baseball to Switch next week under the Arcade Archives label.

Going for the futuristic sports trifecta along with Soccer Brawl and Power Spikes II, this baseball counterpart showcases equal opportunity as teams made up of both male and female players take to the futuristic pitch known as Cyber Egg Stadium. 

Players can get upgrades and even turn into robots with money made from outstanding plays when either pitching or batting. But since that wasn't exciting enough, Crackers (please read "land mines") are often unleashed onto the field randomly after each inning because... well, it's the future, so why not?

The game will be available on 8th February at the usual £6.29 / €6.99 / $7.99 price point. Will you take on the diamond or stay in the box and wait for the eventual release of the phenomenal Baseball Stars 2? Pitch those comments below.