It's been two years since an episode from The Legend Of Dark Witch series graced a Nintendo platform (episodes one and two were digital titles that shot their way onto the 3DS eShop), but The Legend Of Dark Witch 3 - Wisdom And Lunacy is almost ready to cast its own spell, compete with fresh moves, brand new effects and more.

A 2D, side-scrolling shooter in the vein of classic Mega Man, TLODW3 places you in the magical shoes of series regular Zizou, who returns to Earth to check everything is running smoothly, only to discover another witch is running amok. Cue platforming, bullet hell gunfights and plenty of big bosses to take down. TLODW3 is also the first instalment to feature 3D effects, so expect this one to look even more impressive.

Updates include the power to use magical items as much as you want (rather than being limited to a set number, as with previous entries) and a series of hidden Syega crystals to hunt down for added upgrades. There's also a new move to add to your arsenal (the 'Lord Attack', perfect for closing the distance on enemies with a painful dash), and you'll be able to make good use of it since the game features the most levels in the game's history, as well as four difficulty settings for added replay value.

Has the The Legend Of Dark Witch 3 bewitched you with its 2D shooter visuals? It'll be arriving on 21st December with a price tag of £9.99/$9.99.