Every now and then a cool Kickstarter campaign comes along which catches our attention, and GameShell certainly fits into that category. On the surface it looks like a humble Nintendo Game Boy, but this modular system has the potential to be a really interesting entry in the handheld arena. 

While the makers of this system are open about their love for classic Nintendo hardware, what's inside GameShell is pretty unique. The console boasts a modular design comprised of a 2.7-inch RGB screen, programmable gaming keypad, stereo speakers, 1050mAh battery and an ARM-based dev mainboard with WiFi, PMU chips and video output. Dubbed "Clockwork Pi", this setup allows for impressive customisation. You can even pick the colour of your case or 3D print your own.

The GameShell comes with an open-sourced GNU/Linux OS which supports popular programming languages such as Preset C, Python, LUA and LISP. This will make the machine an emulation powerhouse capable of replicating the performance of systems such as the Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, NES, and even SNES. 

The GameShell will also play host to indie titles, and the creators hope that developers will flock to the console to create new games. It comes pre-loaded with both Cave Story and DOOM, and there are plans to add more free games in the future.

GameShell founder Hal Lui had this to say:

We loved consoles such as the Super NES and their groundbreaking games. But to recreate that experience for a new generation had its difficulties, especially when building a DIY platform using Arduino or Raspberry Pi. We wanted to create an intuitive and easy to use gaming platform that was easy to build, modify and program and of course, super fun to play.

GameShell's Kickstarter campaign is live now, and the console can be purchased for as little as $89. The project needs to reach $20,000. Let us know if you'll be backing it.

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