During the Summer we shared the news that Monster Jam: Crush It! is heading to the Switch, and now the eShop pages (via the ever reliable 'Coming Soon' section) has backed up online retail listings to pin down a release date - 31st October. Yep, we reckon they're trying to be a bit clever with that release date.

It's worth remembering it's a retail game (which had a mixed critical reception for its PS4 / Xbox One versions in 2016), so it has a budget retail price. It'll be $39.99USD in North America and £34.99 on the UK store, as two examples. A quick look online shows the same price for the boxed version on Amazon.com, but a more palatable £23.99 (at the time of writing) on Amazon UK. That UK listing gives a date of 14th November, however, so there's clearly a bit of a delay for the cartridge in some territories.

For those that like over-sized vehicles and crushing things, it might be quite tempting.

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