Nintendo of Europe has confirmed it'll release a localised version of the Direct a few hours after the Japanese video.

Nintendo of America has also confirmed the Direct for the initial time of 8pm Pacific / 11pm Eastern, so there'll likely be an English translation for us to watch live.

Original Article:

Whenever the topic of Nintendo Mobile comes up, plenty naturally wonder aloud about the Animal Crossing app. Since its confirmation last year Nintendo has said next-to-nothing about it, but that will change this week.

Nintendo has confirmed that there'll be a Nintendo Direct for the smart device app, stating that it'll only be mobile and not Switch or 3DS news.

It's set to be around 15 minutes in playtime and is at noon Tokyo time on 25th October - that'll be 8pm Pacific / 11pm Eastern on 24th October, and 4am UK / 5am CEST on 25th October in Europe. At the time of writing Nintendo of America and Europe are yet to share news on the broadcast, but we'll keep an eye out for confirmation on their end.

As always we'll be live streaming and blogging the Direct as it happens. What do you hope to see for Animal Crossing on mobile?