Popular German TV quiz show Schlag den Star is getting its own Switch exclusive outing, which will be distributed by Nintendo of Europe. Schlag den Star is massive in Germany, and was adapted for UK television in 2008 as Beat the Star, in case you were wondering.

The game - which is being developed by Lost the Game Studios - is built in Unity and features a 3D representation of Elton, the TV show's real-world host. You can can create your own avatar for use in the quiz, and a 4 player multiplayer mode is included. There are 25 different games to take part in with more than 8,000 questions. and some of the included mini-games make use of the Joy-Con motion control.

The catch? It's only coming to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. If you're in one of those countries, let us know if you'll be picking this family-friendly exclusive up.

[source neogaf.com]