We've been fans of Two Tribes' swansong release, RIVE, since it arrived on PC and other consoles. The downside is that it's had a long road to Nintendo hardware, with technical challenges and a shrinking market ending the Wii U version, and since that point we've had a wait for the Switch edition.

Earlier this Summer Two Tribes confirmed that the Switch version would have a new feature, Copilot mode, and the developer - working with Engine Software - has been busily optimising the game. Due to the intensity of the game and the developers' own standards, it's been a slow and steady process - the good news is that it now runs at 1080p and 60fps (naturally 720p in portable mode).

It's been the goal from the beginning, and Two Tribes' Collin van Ginkel explained to us how pleasing its been to get to that point and the work that's gone into it.

It's kind of surreal seeing the game run so smoothly on such a humble device. It was never intended as a portable game, but it's a perfect fit for it!

We've spent a few months really digging into what makes the Switch hardware tick and it now runs smoother than the PlayStation 4 version, with less noticeable save points for instance.

It's great to see effort go into making the best version possible on the Switch; though no release date has been confirmed yet, hopefully it won't be too far away.