You will automatically look this good when you wear one of these shirts. Honest.

While we still wait for the fine folks at Team17 and Playtonic Games to lovingly prepare the ultimate Switch edition of Yooka-Laylee for us, we can now at least look the part.

Insert Coin Clothing has put together some charming t-shirts designs based around the game, which will ensure that you remain at the height of fashion this fall.

Available from today, we have the Pagie Collectors t-shirt, which is comes in a fetching Pagie White and Bat Purple. If that's not to your taste then perhaps you will appreciate the subtle design of the Trowzer Worldwide International Trading t-shirt, brought to you in Adder Red. For the more understated among us there is last but not least a Capital B offering, featuring the villain of the piece. 

Let us know if you plan to pick up one of these lovely Yooka-Laylee t-shirts with a comment below.