Recently Nintendo hosted demo events for Super Mario Odyssey, and we went along to capture video of three new stages. Digital Foundry was also there to play the same stages, and of course the team has done its thing in breaking down the technicalities of what they saw.

They assess a few things, including the pleasing news that the resolution when docked has gone from 720p to 900p, adding a bit more pop to TV play. In portable mode it's 720p in gameplay, but interestingly there are some relatively subtle graphical adjustments to ensure solid performance with the handheld. Pleasingly, it's looking like a solid 60fps throughout, which is great to see; the only exception is the Snapshot mode, which boosts image quality as you create your snap.

Check it out below.

It's pleasing, as always, to see Nintendo focus on 60fps performance in gameplay. That's the way Mario platformers should be, right?