The retro aesthetic is used a fair amount in modern gaming, sometimes to play on nostalgia and on other occasions because it's the best option for a given project. When you browse any download store you don't need to look far before you see pixel-art and hear chiptune music.

The announcement of UFO 50 is certainly intriguing, with that in mind. A group of talented and highly regarded devs including Derek Yu (Spelunky) and Ojiro Fumoto (Downwell) have teamed up to produce a compilation of 50 new 8-bit games. Each game will have a lead director, but the team will pitch in to help make each happen. A teaser trailer and details from the official site are below.

The story of UFO 50 is that the games were all created in the 80's by a fictional company that was obscure but ahead of its time. They're all connected by a unique 32-color palette and other restrictions we decided on to make them feel more authentic.

In general, the games are slightly smaller than commercial 8-bit titles from the 80's, but rest assured that they are full games and not microgames or minigames! Completing the entire collection could easily take over a hundred hours.

All the games will feature a single-player mode, and roughly a third of the games will feature either cooperative or competitive multiplayer modes as well.

Right now the only confirmed release plans are for PC in 2018, but the team then plans to move over onto other platforms. Considering the background of the developers PS4 is likely a lock and perhaps Xbox One, but naturally we think it'd suit the Switch hardware beautifully.

Time will tell on what platforms get the game, but it's always fun to see projects like this emerge.