Dragon Quest Builders 2.jpg

Dragon Quest Builders was a recent title that won quite a lot of fans among series veterans and those that enjoy the sort of gameplay that Minecraft brought to the mainstream. It combined resource accumulation and management with plenty of freedom to build and create the world around you. Blend all of that with adventure elements, and it's not hard to see why it found a loyal base of players.

Pleasingly, the announcement of Dragon Quest Builders 2 at Dragon Quest Summer Festival 2017 has also confirmed it'll come to the Switch in addition to the PS4. It will apparently "feature slopes, the ability to dive underwater, a greater limit to the amount of blocks you can stack (it has increased three-fold, both high and low), the ability to fill high places with water, create waterfalls, glide down from high places with a glider, and supports four-person multiplayer". A rip from the extensive live stream below shows a bit of gameplay.

It'll be well into 2018 before this is released, but it's pleasing to see Square Enix supporting the Switch with what could be a major release.

[source gematsu.com]