What more can be said about Wisdom Tree's unlicensed games that the Angry Video Game Nerd hasn't already said? (NSFW kids, he swears a lot!). Games such as Noah's Ark are tedious platformers, dressed up with biblical themes which often don't even make any sense.

If for some crazy reason you have any nostalgia for these games then we have great news for you, Wisdom Tree has just launched a Kickstarter which will allow you to relive these 'classics' once again.

There are 3 different game carts which can be crowdfunded, the Wisdom Tree Game Collection for the Game Boy Advance, Noah's Ark for the NES and our favourite Super 3D Noah's Ark for the Sega Genesis.

With a pledge goal of $30,000 it remains to be seen if Wisdom Tree's dream of raising these games from the dead like Lazarus will go to plan. The Arkade - a Classic Christian Video Game Plug and Play was successfully funded however, so there might be a bigger market for this than we imagined.

Let us know if you'll be backing this retro biblical Kickstarter with a comment below.

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