Today you'll have seen plenty of previews go up for Splatoon 2, including our own here at Nintendo Life. It's been all about the single player mode, which is understandable as all Switch owners will be able to try out more online play this weekend in the first Splatfest.

During the recent Splatoon Direct, meanwhile, we saw plenty in the comments debating the resolution of this Switch title. It was native 720p even when docked in early demos back in January, while Nintendo stated during E3 that it's now 1080p. Which is right? Well, neither actually.

Our colleagues at Digital Foundry have broken down the technology behind the game in their latest video; they clarify the resolution, the gorgeous 60fps framerate, and also get into how the game improves upon the Wii U original. In fact, it's looking rather handsome and is certainly an upgrade.

Check it out below.

Are you planning to participate in the Splatfest this weekend, and are you pleased with the progress this game has seen since those early demos? Let us know in the comments.