Universal Studios has released a trailer for the forthcoming Super Nintendo World at its Japanese resort, which shows off - in CGI form, at least - what the park will look like once it is complete. Much of what is shown we've already seen in initial promotional material, but it's nice all the same.

As well as this footage, it has been revealed that Shigeru Miyamoto attended a special ceremony in Japan to mark the upcoming opening of the park, and has confirmed that Mario Kart will form the basis of one of the rides.

The ride will apparently use the "world’s most advanced technology" and is being pitched as the centrepiece of the park.

It was previously speculated that Mario Kart would feature somewhere in the park, so it's nice to have that officially confirmed.

The park is due to open in 2020, with Super Nintendo Worlds opening at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Orlando later on. Will you be making the effort to attend?

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