But it looks so real...

With E3 just around the corner it's fair to expect plenty of daft rumours to come out of the woodwork, but the recent Smash Bros. leak really seemed to divide the community. The quality of these screens suggested authenticity; to some, it was the fact that they looked so good that caused suspicion.

Now, the man behind these screens has spoken about the reason for their creation. Josh Thomas of The Bit Block challenged himself to construct each screen in a single day and created all the background assets from scratch. Each stage was modelled in 3D Studio Max while texture work was done in PhotoShop. The only pre-existing assets were the characters themselves.

Thomas isn't a stranger to doing this kind of work - he was responsible for the amazing "Make Believe" series on his YouTube channel which imagined some of the games he'd love to see in the future. He's confirmed that this Smash Bros. venture marks the beginning a new chapter in that series, and that Make Believe will return very soon.

What do you make of these screens? Did you think they were the real deal, and how do you feel knowing that Thomas faked the whole thing? Share your thoughts with a comment.