Indie publisher Nicalis has confirmed that it is bringing Tiny Barbarian DX and Ittle Dew 2+ to the Nintendo Switch, as well as Blade Strangers and The End Is Nigh, both of which we already knew about.

Coded by StarQuail Games, Tiny Barbarian DX offers "two-player cooperative action, unlockable game modes and multiple homages to classic 8- and 16-bit games in each of its four lengthy episodes," and has retro-themed visuals and chip tune soundtrack.

Title Dew 2+ sees the return of Ittle and Tippsie in an "upgraded and expanded" version of the original game, coded by indie studio Ludosity. These two titles are due for release in Q3 2017.

Do either of these take your fancy? Let us know if you'll be downloading them on Switch when they go live on the eShop.