Only in Japan...


Capcom has issued a response to the GameSpot article in question, with the outlet also updating its original article. Either there was a mis-communication to GameSpot, a mis-understanding of a quote (which can also easily happen), or Capcom is looking to simply assuage concerns at this time.

Original Article:

Unless Capcom is planning a surprise Monster Hunter: World version for Switch, or even an alternative 'main' entry for the hybrid portable console, it seems the company could be stepping back from the IP's focus on Nintendo hardware.

Not only is the high-profile and undoubtedly Western-centric World coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One globally, but Capcom has stated it has no plans to localise the upcoming Switch version of Monster Hunter XX outside of Japan. This is according to GameSpot, and is quite a notable blow. We'll share an editorial on this after E3 is finished, but if there isn't a full series entry for Switch it would arguably be a surprise. The Monster Hunter series has enjoyed lucrative success on the 3DS in Japan, and enjoyed a sales breakthrough in the West with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.

While Monster Hunter: World looks highly promising and could be a huge success in the West, in Japan the IP has typically performed far better on portable hardware, from the PSP through to the 3DS. That's why so many have expected the series to continue on Switch, with the portable aspect at the forefront of marketing in Japan. Monster Hunter XX is on the way in the country, of course, but the key question is whether a new title will follow.

Overall, this is disappointing news for Switch owners in the West that enjoy the Monster Hunter series. It'll be possible to play the Japanese version of Monster Hunter XX region-free, but that will be far from ideal.

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