It's fair to say that Yooka-Laylee didn't exactly live up to the monumental expectations placed upon it by critics and fans alike, garnering mixed reviews last month when it landed on non-Nintendo platforms.

Our sister site Push Square awarded the PS4 version 6 out of a possible 10, concluding that the game was:

...a 90s platformer to a tee. Unfortunately, rather than a rose-tinted look at the titles of yore, this game falls into all of the same pitfalls as its predecessors: it's rough around the edges, often annoying, and at times even a chore. And yet for all of its flaws it's still packing the most important ingredient of all: the compulsion to collect everything is strong here – and it'll remain even when you're grinding your teeth.

It seems the team at Playtonic have taken the less-than-stellar reaction to their prized platformer on the chin and are planning a update to correct some of the common complains as revealed on their blog:

Yooka-Laylee has been in the wild for two whole weeks and we've been positively overchuffed by the response from fans and backers around the world! We've very much enjoyed reading your feedback, lurking on your livestreams and absorbing your lovely comments, so thanks again for the support! It's been emotional.

Thanks to you lot, some 20 developers remain off the streets, mostly fed and in a stronger position than ever to continue creating colourful, personality-plump adventures!

But first… we've got some spit 'n' polish to deploy.

In the days since launch – and as we work with speed towards the Nintendo Switch – the dev team has been frogmarched back down into the development mines to uncover our next big game update, which will add significant improvements and introduce some of the most requested features.

That means stuff like the optional ability to skip dialogue faster, bypass cutscenes or reduce those pesky gibberish voices, which should please the speedrunners among us. We'll also be adding a sprinkling of design polish throughout the adventure and by popular request, changes to how the camera operates.

You can expect a more detailed breakdown of the game update in the coming weeks, as we continue to tinker around with the coding furnace.

From the sounds of it, this mega update should be in place in time for the upcoming Nintendo Switch port of the game - whenever that will be released. Fingers crossed that the update helps turn around some of the apathetic reactions to this retro-inspired platformer.

Have you been holding back waiting for Yooka-Laylee on Switch? Let us know if you still plan to pick it up with a comment below.

[source playtonicgames.com]