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A short while before NBA Playgrounds arrived on Nintendo Switch the developer's representatives told us that an update adding online play would come a 'few days' after launch. Not an ideal scenario, but reasonable - we can practice for a few days and then play online, right?

We're pretty sure 'a few days' doesn't equate to a couple of weeks, yet here we are with no update as yet to enable online play on Switch. The last status update we had when we chased last week was that there'd be more information soon, which hasn't come as yet. To be fair whoever runs the game's social media account does answer questions on this and other things, but has no real details to give. The latest relevant replies are below.

No real change, then.

It has been rather frustrating for those that have bought the game on Switch, especially as the offline Tournaments get teeth-gnashingly tricky late on, to the point that getting thrashed by 13 year-old Jimmy from Arkansas online will be a change of pace. It's easy to lose track of days and weeks when busy, but this feels like an excessive wait for a core feature of the game on Switch. Meanwhile the developers have found the time to improve the fully-featured PC version while Switch owners wait for basic online play.

Not exactly a slamma jamma.