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The set of teen-drama stories surrounding the lovable Squid Sisters from Splatoon and Splatoon 2 has been given its latest entry. New information has surfaced from the Squid Research Lab, picking up after more sibling secrets and angst in Chapter 5. Starting with Marie waiting for her sister at the train station, the story's mood descends as Callie is nowhere to be seen. 

You can read the full extract below:

The next day found Marie waiting at the station for Callie's arrival. When the train pulled in, though, Callie wasn't on board.

"I bet she totally overslept again," Marie thought as she settled in to wait for the next train.

Callie was not on the next train though, nor the one after that, or the one after that. Night fell and there was still no sign of her.

Marie called Callie's office and was told that she'd headed straight home from work the previous evening.

"She seemed a bit flustered, but I figured she was just in a hurry to get back to Calamari County," Callie's manager said.

Marie tried their apartment several times, but no one picked up. Marie began to feel panic rising in her chest.

The following morning, Marie cut her trip short and returned to Inkopolis on the first train of the day. She hated to leave her parents so suddenly but couldn't shake feeling worried about Callie. Plagued by a sense of unease, she spent the whole trip on her phone, searching for some clue as to Callie's whereabouts. Her efforts failed to turn up anything to calm her fears.

When she arrived in Inkopolis, Marie headed straight for their apartment. The place looked exactly as she'd left it. In fact, there was no sign Callie had been home at all since Marie left for her trip. But if she hadn't come home, where could she have gone? After giving it some thought, Marie got an idea and hurried out of the apartment.

Has Callie really disappeared for good? Will we only be seeing the one Squid Sister in Splatoon 2? Until new data is found from the Squid Lab unfortunately it's too soon to say. We'll be looking out for any new entries on Callie's whereabouts and will update as soon as anything is announced. 

Have you been enjoying this series of Squid Sisters Stories?