RiME is shaping up to be one of 2017's most interesting multi-format titles thanks to its eye-catching visuals and puzzle-solving gameplay. The Switch version - currently being ported by Tantalus Media - will launch after the other editions, and original developer Tequila Works has now revealed that Tantalus is aiming for 720p resolution in both docked and portable modes.

This is presumably being done to maintain performance across both modes. Minecraft on the Switch takes the same approach, keeping things locked in at 720p regardless of how you choose to play - although it has been stated that this isn't down to a lack of power but to facilitate a smooth transition between the two modes, and that a future update may introduce 1080p visuals when docked.

Does this news impact your commitment to the Switch version, and will it force you to pick up another version? Share your feelings with a comment below.

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