The Nintendo Switch has gotten off to a great start since its launch back in March, and it's fair to say that competitors will be mulling over an entry into this newly-created hybrid console sector. Just think back to the success of the Wii Remote and the clumsy attempt by Sony (PlayStation Move) and Microsoft (Xbox Kinect) to compete.

Enter German tech blog Curved, who have imagined what the successor to the PlayStation Vita might look like. In this concept mock-up we see a tablet-style gaming device just like the Switch with purpose-built DualShock controllers which could be magnetically attached to the sides. When these are removed the tablet would have a very robust kickstand, unlike the flimsy one found on the Switch. Of course the controllers can be plonked into a comfort grip to make it act more like a DualShock 4, complete with touchbar.

While it is an interesting concept, we're not sure that Sony really has the desire to get back into this arena again, especially after the failure of the Vita. Even if it did, then surely it would do something more imaginative than this - but then again, there was PlayStation Move!

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