Yooka-Laylee was admittedly a bit of a disappointment when it launched last month; given the pedigree of the developers working on the project, many were expecting a home run, but instead were met with something much more middling. The game is still due out on the Switch—in an improved state, it seems—and ahead of the release, Game Informer caught up with Playtonic’s Andy Robinson for a brief post-mortem interview on how Yooka-Laylee turned out.

One of the first questions asked was what feedback looked like from the developers’ end; here’s what Robinson had to say:

It seems to confirm that we delivered what we promised to our fans and backers. It's difficult to please everybody all the time of course, but the comments we've seen – good and bad, and there were a lot of really positive reviews – suggest that fans of golden age 3D platformers will enjoy Yooka-Laylee a lot. Of course, we take all constructive criticism on board, which is why we've already released a patch to further improve things like performance and polish, and we're continuing to do that behind the scenes.

Later, Robinson was asked whether the team expected the response that the game generated and why it did. He was optimistic about the response, claiming that the team had ultimately succeeded in building what it set out to do:

We did – but perhaps not quite as broad as it ended up! We set out to make a '90s- inspired platformer for fans who missed the experience those games offered; an open-world style of platforming where the adventure is just as important as the jumping about. We had a clear mandate for Yooka-Laylee via our Kickstarter and while that wasn't a blueprint that would necessarily appeal to everyone, it's pleasing to see so many people enjoying Yooka-Laylee as much as we did making it. It's been a big maiden success for us and we're excited for the future.

Though we still have yet to receive a release date for Yooka-Laylee on Switch, it will no doubt prove to be a worthy addition to the hybrid’s library when it finally does show up.

What do you think? Will you get Yooka-Laylee on Switch? If you’ve played it elsewhere, what did you think? Drop us a comment in the section below.

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