Activision and Bungie lifted the lid on Destiny 2 yesterday detailing some of the game's new modes and features, and - as is the tradition with practically every big AAA multiformat title these days - the question of a Nintendo version quickly popped up.

IGN posed that query to Destiny 2 project lead Mark Noseworthy, who pointed out that he owns a Switch (it was even with him at the event) and that he loves the console. However, he also stated that such a port was "unrealistic" given the online-heavy nature of the game, and concluded by nailing the coffin shut as tightly as possible:

I think it's pretty unrealistic, given we're an online-only game, right? The Switch, because it's a portable - and I love my Switch, I've got Breath of the Wild here, I've got it with me. It's incredible, I love the console, but in terms of where it's at, I don't want leave anyone with the possibility of, like, 'it's a thing we'll consider, maybe next year.' There's no plans right now for Switch.

Were you holding out hope that there might be some way that Destiny 2 could come to the Switch? Noseworthy mentioned the portable element of the machine as being a problem for an online-only release, but we have WiFi hotspots, right? Or do you think he's doing the right thing by being very clear on the fact that Destiny 2 isn't coming to the Switch, ever? Let us know by posting something below.