Plenty of Nintendo Switch owners are looking forward to Splatoon 2, but regardless Nintendo is utilising some quirky content to promote the game. Primarily published through its official sites, the Squid Sisters Stories have been used as a way to tell the tale of the performer's 'lives' since Splatoon on Wii U. It has sibling tension, rivalry and mystery, making it oddly compulsive to follow online.

In any case, chapter three is live and includes a cancelled recording session, a mysterious coffee shop meeting and secrets between the sisters. Dramatic stuff...


One day Callie was awakened by a call on her cell phone—it was her manager. The recording session she had scheduled for the day had been delayed to accommodate a different performer. Callie found herself a bit thrown off by this unexpected break, but was determined to make the most of it.

Looking around the apartment, she saw no sign of Marie, which was odd—she was sure Marie had the day off as well. It was just past eight in the morning, too early for Marie to have gone shopping. Callie decided to get dressed and head out in search of her roommate. Now that she thought about it, Marie had seemed a bit down lately, like there was something on her mind she couldn't stop thinking about. Maybe she was just tired from working too hard. Or maybe something had happened to upset her.

"But worrying about her all day won't fix anything," Callie thought.

Work had barely given her time to breathe lately—she'd been feeling a bit lost at sea herself. She made up her mind to find Marie and invite her out for a day of much needed relaxation.

Callie found Marie at a café with Crusty Sean. They were seated at a table, chatting away. Perhaps it was because their hometowns were so close to one another that Callie and Marie both found Sean so easy to talk to. Marie had been a bit shy when they had first come to the city, after all. Callie couldn't remember the last time she'd seen Marie talking so cheerfully with anyone besides her, and she didn't want to spoil their fun. She decided to head back to the apartment alone.

Callie was making breakfast when Marie came home. Marie looked a bit surprised to see Callie up and about but greeted her friend in stride.



Same old Marie, thought Callie. While they ate, Callie invited Marie to go shopping, and she gladly accepted.


Are you enjoying this series of stories from Nintendo?

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