Our prolific eShop publishing chums at CIRCLE have given us a exclusive look at the English language trailer for Dark Witch Music Episode: Rudymical which all looks rather lovely. It's out this week - 11th May, to be precise - for $7.99 / 7.99.

The game - developed by Flyhigh Works - is a spin-off of the Dark Witch Story series that has appeared on 3DS eShop. If the video above didn't give you any clues, this is a rhythm action game where you press the buttons rhythmically in time to cut down Boing boings (bullets). You'll also need to jump at opportune times in order to avoid fiendish fire beams.

The game features a one-player story mode and a VS mode so you can compete against a friend in a battle to see who has the most rhythm. Last but not least there is a Co-Op mode where you can work together with a friend to clear each stage.

This all sounds like a lovely addition to the ever-growing Switch eShop. Will you be picking this up on Thursday?