The Nintendo Switch's battery life isn't terrible by current standards, but it could certainly be better. Three to five hours just isn't enough for many people, which is why the SwitchCharge case might do very well indeed.

Developed by a UK company called InDemand Design, the SwitchCharge is on Indiegogo as we speak and is looking to raise $80,000 to begin production. Not only does it include a massive 12,000mAh battery which delivers 12 hours of battery life, it also has a more robust kickstand, slots for game cards when they're not in use and a side-mounted USB Type C port for charging - which means you can charge and play at the same time.

The only sticking point is pricing; the Indiegogo campaign is offering units at $75 a pop for early adopters, but the retail price could be as high as $130. Would you consider paying that for more battery life and other improvements? Let us know with a comment.

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