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Swap Fire is one of a batch of interesting multiplayer-centric titles on the Wii U eShop, and the name provides a nice clue of the core idea at play. It's a shooter where positioning and manipulating the environment are key, and it has multiple modes.

If you're in North America then you may have seen it pop up the eShop chart, and that's because it's free until 8th April. The developers have made the game free as a treat for those not jumping into Switch, but also as a means of getting the game into more hands - we know from interactions with the team that it's a huge passion project for them.

If you can't Switch 'em, Swap 'em!"

We know there are many reasons why people can't get a Switch. For example, our excuse is that we're broke! As a consolation prize we're offering up our game for free, which will hopefully ease the pain a little and help us find more players who might like Swap Fire.

We liked this game in our review but felt that it fell short in a few areas, some of which are being addressed in a planned update and European release. We do think it's worth commending the positive attitude of the developers that simply want to improve their game and have it played by as many gamers as possible.

Have any of you in North America helped propel this up the charts, or will you give this freebie a go soon?