The Wii U eShop has the tendency to throw up some surprising and clever games, and Swap Fire aimed to deliver just this in 2016. Primarily a local multiplayer game - though you can play it solo - its hook is that when you shoot an opponent you swap places with them, setting up the potential for some chaotic and entertaining scenarios.

For those interested in taking the plunge it's 30% off at present in North America, and will be discounted until 14th February. The developers have even produced cute themed gift cards.

Swap Fire card.png

Some copies are also being given away on Twitter, though note it's currently only out in North America:

Beyond that an EU release is in the works, in addition to a version 1.1 update. After our review in which we awarded it 6/10 there was a little communication with the devs on the criticisms and concerns we'd shared. To the developer's credit, it's some of these areas that are being targeted for improvement - the fix list includes the following:

  • Easier staged access to Exhibition Mode
  • Audio cues in multiplayer to compliment opening animations
  • More precise dual analogue controls
  • Several bug fixes

We'll keep you posted once an estimated release date for the update and European version are confirmed.

Have you tried Swap Fire on the Wii U, or are you tempted to try it at a discount?