Among the various pleasing announcements in its Nintendo Switch Indie Showcase, Nintendo pulled off a small coup by securing the debut release of Shakedown Hawaii, with the title targeting an April release on the system. It's the sequel to Retro City Rampage, the chaotic and fiercely entertaining retro-style title by Vblank Entertainment - the studio run by Brian Provinciano.

With the first title being in the '8-bit' style, this top-down sandbox follow-up adopts a 16-bit approach.

The game was first announced for PSN and the 3DS eShop last year, of course, with the portable iteration below.

We asked Provinciano about the status of the 3DS version, and typical of his past approach - such as his efforts to bring the first game to WiiWare - he's still fully committed to that 3DS version. He said the following in terms of progress on that portable iteration.

  • The game will come to both original and New 3DS models
  • Developer "wrote a new renderer from scratch to ensure it hits 60fps even on the old 3DS"
  • The C-Stick will once again be supported on the New 3DS
  • No firm release date yet, but "this year for sure"

The title will likely also make its mark on other consoles and PC so it's pleasing that Switch gets the first release, but also that 3DS gamers will get their shot at it later in the year.

Is Shakedown Hawaii on your wishlist?