Nintendo Switch Plane

When the Nintendo Switch was first revealed back in the fall, part of the announcement video showed a Switch owner taking his Switch onto a plane to pass the time on his journey. This was obviously meant to showcase how versatile the device would be in a variety of scenarios, though a recent ruling passed by the UK government has now effectively negated that particular scene for certain flights.

A ban was just passed wherein passengers on any flights originating from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Egypt, or Saudi Arabia, will not be allowed to bring electronics larger than a usual smartphone onto the plane with them. Seeing as how the Switch is roughly the size of a phablet, it falls under this ban, so any Switch owners traveling from these countries will be forced to either stow it in a checked bag or leave it at home. This is following on from a similar ban that was enacted in the US yesterday, which contains much of the same language. It's still business as usual for those of you that are traveling to or from any other country, but this new rule will no doubt lead to many long and boring flights.

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