Earlier today a NeoGAF forum user by the name Hiphoptherobot posted a photo accompanied by the claim that they had received their Switch preorder more than two weeks early. The poster declined to mention from where they had ordered their system, out of concern that Nintendo may retaliate against the retailer.

When pressed for details about the system and proof of their possession of it, Hiphoptherobot posted a roughly three minute video showing them tapping through the setup and user interface of Nintendo's new hybrid console.

[Since publication it has been confirmed by Nintendo that this unit was stolen and then sold illegally; as a result we will no longer embed the video here. If you decide you want to view it anyway, you're welcome to do so at your own discretion.]

In the video we learn that the initial setup can be performed in TV mode or handheld mode, and that it looks like the eShop isn't quite ready yet. Unfortunately, the lucky poster did not receive any games with their console, so they aren't yet able to do much with the console.

Given that the Switch release date is a few weeks away, we'd guess that the story about the console coming from a retailer is a bit of a tall tale; it's more likely that the unit is either intended for a developer or for the press, and the poster has therefore broken an NDA by posting the footage.

Irrespective of the true story, what do you think of the Nintendo Switch UI? Do you wish it was here now? Let us know in the comments.

[source neogaf.com]