NBA 2K18

It seems one of the biggest concerns surrounding the Switch in this pre-launch period is how viable the platform will be to third party studios. While it is true that one of the biggest selling points of Nintendo consoles is Nintendo games, the Wii U was an unfortunate reminder of what happens when a platform fails to pique the interest of major third party developers. The Switch certainly seems off to a good start, though, and recent comments by the head of Take-Two Interactive indicate that the future is bright.

Strauss Zelnick recently discussed the Switch a bit at the company's latest financial briefing, talking a bit about NBA 2K18 and the company's long term plans for the platform. Here's what was said:

We're excited about Switch we're supporting Switch with NBA 2K18, we've said we're supporting it long form. We've said over and over again that when Nintendo comes to market you never want to count them out. So we're excited about it, but the only thing we can announce is the basketball title.

What do you think? Will Take-Two stick around? How do you think the Switch will do on third party support? Share your thoughts in the comments below.