Suda51 is currently promoting a rather intriguing remaster on PS4 that's coming to the West - The Silver Case is a title that he originally created 17 years ago. When speaking to IGN on that, the iconic game creator was also asked about Nintendo Switch and its No More Heroes game, which was announced in January but - as yet - has been very much under wraps.

Though development is evidently in its early stages, Suda51 talked a little about how easy it is to develop for the Switch, the hardware in general and also some early thoughts and ideas on how the Joy-Con controllers can be used in gameplay. Considering the fact that the 'motion' controls of the originals on Wii are discussed, you should expect some suspect gestures in the video.

It's an interesting little segment, and the No More Heroes / Switch chat starts just before the eight minute mark.

It'll be intriguing to see how the next entry in this franchise shapes up on Nintendo Switch.