Poor old George Costanza. This neurotic, self-loathing character from the popular comedy sitcom Seinfeld never did have much luck in life. It turns out in addition to being unfortunate in love (and virtually everything else) George also made equally terrible choices when buying video gaming hardware.

While idly relaxing at Nintendo Life Towers watching some old episodes of Seinfeld on Amazon Prime (not like we have anything better to do), we had to do a double take when we spotted a Virtual Boy casually propped up on the desk in his apartment.

Virtual Boy - Seinfeld
Virtual Boy - Seinfeld 2

We spotted this in Season 8, Episode 1 ("The Foundation"), which originally aired in September 1996. Considering that the ill-fated Virtual Boy was discontinued in March 1996 in North America it seems George was still clinging on, hoping that the unfortunate console might make a comeback. We already knew that Costanza was a keen gamer; he famously held the high score on Frogger.

We can only guess why the set designer placed a Virtual Boy in George's apartment, but we can't think of a better case of serendipity. It just feels so right.