Composer Hiroki Kikuta is responsible for some of the best gaming soundtracks ever, with Seiken Densetsu II (Secret of Mana), Seiken Densetsu III and Koudelka under his belt.

He's currently creating music for the Kickstarter title Indivisible by Lab Zero Games, but he has found the time to produce not one but two new albums, collaborating with fellow Japanese musicians Hidehisa Sasaki and Aahiro.

ANGELICFORTRESS and ANGELICFORTRESS DOUBLE HELIX are two five-track albums which "combine Kikuta's love for progressive rock, jazz fusion, and game music", calling upon inspirations such as Yes, Pink Floyd (in the case of ANGELICFORTRESS) and Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea (for ANGELICFORTRESS DOUBLE HELIX).

Both albums are available on Bandcamp as we speak. Here's the PR:

Tokyo, Japan - January 31, 2017 - Composer Hiroki Kikuta is pleased to present two original albums to fans in the form of ANGELICFORTRESS and ANGELICFORTRESS DOUBLE HELIX. ANGELICFORTRESS is an album series created to combine Kikuta's love for progressive rock, jazz fusion, and game music as well as to say thank you to patrons of music around the world.

ANGELICFORTRESS is a progressive rock-style album, inspired by Yes, Pink Floyd, ELP, and more. It features Hiroki Kikuta (composer), Hidehisa Sasaki (guitar), and Teruhiko Imaizumi (artist).

ANGELICFORTRESS DOUBLE HELIX is a jazz fusion-style album, inspired by Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Dave Grusin and more. It features Hiroki Kikuta (composer), Hidehisa Sasaki (guitar), and Aahiro (artist).

"I was exposed to an endless catalog of awesome progressive rock and jazz fusion albums throughout high school," explains Kikuta. "It had the biggest impact on the formulation of my view of the musical world. Now I want to mix up these genres with modern day videogame music. ANGELICFORTRESS is an exciting experiment in musical history. I also want to develop an attitude of thankfulness to people who support music in general, so all of these tracks can be thought of as a thank you offering."

Kikuta is currently in the process of forming an entire band to perform the third album in the series, ANGELICFORTRESS TRISMEGISTUS.

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